Activities Of Asan Memorial Matriculation Higher Secondary School


Asan Memorial Association (AMA) celebrated Onam as part of their ongoing Golden Jubilee Celebrations. Preparing for the homecoming of the legendry King Mahabali, Onam is one of the biggest festivals of Kerala celebrated with great gusto by all Malayalees across the world. The festival symbolizing the harvest season, showcases the best of Kerala culture and tradition.

To mark the celebrations, AMA had organized “Pookkalam” and “Kaikottikali” competitions at the Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School on Saturday 30th August, 2014. The competition usually conducted within the school, was for the first time open for participation to all the Malayali associations across the State.

“Pookkalam” also known as 'Aththa-Poo' during the Onam festival is basically a floral art competition which is a colorful and joyous event. The design of the Pookkalam typically revolves around the theme of Onam. Adding fervor and spirit of the festival of Onam is the elegant dance form “Kaikottikali” also known as “thiruvathirakali” traditionally performed by 8-10 dancers. The dance depicting unity and coordination has the dancers gracefully move in clockwise and anti-clockwise manner clapping their hands around the pookkalam with a lit traditional brass lamp “Nilavilakkku” in the centre. It is a captivating sight to watch the group of women performing the dance; with the rhythm of the steps and movements in sync as they sing songs in praise of the great King Mahabali; in their traditional Kerala attire consisting of gold bordered off-white mundu-neriyathu and their hair decked with fragrant jasmine flowers.

The competition had groups or teams participating in large numbers contesting for the first prize of Rs. 25,000, second and third prize of Rs.15,000 and Rs.10,000 respectively.

Mrs. Rajani, Meena Ram Mohan and Mrs. Geetha Manoharan were the judges for the “Pookkalam” event. The 11 teams that participated for the Pookalam competition were judged based on the circular form, use of flowers and creativity. Kannur Cannons Team won the first place followed by A.V.S team and Chennai Souhardavedhi team in the second and third place respectively.

Subsequent to the floral art, Kaikottikali was performed by seven teams consisting of eight members in each. Mrs.Kala Sasikumar, Mrs.Padma Anil Kumar, Mrs. Asha Anand, and Mrs.Rekha were the judges for “Kaikottikali” event. The Chennai Kairali Association won the first place, Bollineni Hill Side Association of Malayalees and Madras Yogakshema Sabha came in the second and third place respectively.