Asan Alumni Association was started in 1999 to reunite the students of Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School. The association has been able to connect with students right from the 1975 batch until the present batches.

The alumni also provides a forum to connect with the present and retired teachers and non teaching staff. The association is a platform to connect past students who are now in various walks of life where in they also have become brand ambassadors of the school by virtue of their professional achievements in various careers and professions, which make their teachers, schoolmates and the Alma Mater proud of them.

The Alumni is also serving a larger social objective by the launch of AAET....a trust to assist the poor but academically inclined students of Asan in their School education. The Trust is formed and registered and we have already started collection of Corpus fund. We render assistance to deserving students of the School through grants, scholarships, prizes etc and provides assistance in academics, placement or any other area that is felt appropriate by the association. The association shall also try to create opportunities and provide suitable forums to enable such interaction.

The Presidents of the Asan Alumni Association are:
  • N Prakash (1987) from 1999 - 2005
  • Bajeer Singh (1975) 2005 - 2007
  • Anil Nair (1976) 2007 - 2011
  • Sumit Bothra (1987) 2011

The alumni presently has about 350 Life members. The Life membership of the association is Rs.1000/-

The association is also actively in touch with over 1500 Asanites through the website and through Facebook and other social media groups.

Asanites wanting to join as Life members may contact the Secretary Mr Varghese Mathews