Code of Ethics for students

Asan Institute of Management, A Unit of Asan Memorial College of Arts and Science is a community with a mission of imparting value-based holistic education along with co-curricular, extra-curricular and skill based programmes. A specific code of conduct has been developed to ensure that the College fulfils its mission of nurturing personal growth and sustaining a college-wide atmosphere conducive to learning and academic excellence. All the students are held accountable to this code of conduct during their course of study.

Institutional Code of Ethics for Teachers

It is universally felt that the status of teaching profession requires to be raised to ensure itsdignity and integrity. There are five major areas of professional activities which encompass thework of a teacher. For each of these areas certain principles have been identified to serve asguidelines for Teachers’ conduct. These are preceded by a preamble which provides a rationalefor the principles identified.