Upon graduation, management students enter a highly competitive job market where there are many other qualified candidates vying for the same positions. In order to stand out and increase their chances of success, management students should focus on developing strong leadership skills, networking, and gaining relevant experience through internships or other opportunities.

Today, at Asan Institute of Management, we endeavor to break the mould and redefine standards for professional education in the city, creating quality, industry relevant, capable and dynamic talent, at a competitive, inclusive and attainable cost.

In addition to the curriculums prescribed by The University of Madras for our MBA & MCA courses, we equip our professionals in the making, with an all round skill set that will enhance their marketability. Our end goal here is quality placements for our student body, that are best
suited to each individual interest and skill set orientation .
The MBA & MCA programs offered by Asan Institute of Management, offer a portfolio of events, training sessions, competitions, team building activities and value-added programs, set in well equipped facilities, to lay the foundation of a learning mindset among students.

Our team of dedicated faculty is committed to the overall development of students and closely coordinates with Industry expertise for value added training certification and placements.

Come join us at AIM for an opportunity to develop your skills, gain valuable experience, and achieve your full potential!

Roshan Kalyan
Director AIM
Asan Institute of Management
(A unit of Asan Memorial College of Arts & Science)