Academic Outcomes

The basic objective of Masters programme in Computer Application (M.C.A) is to prepare postgraduates for dynamic careers in software industry, government sector, academia, research in emerging areas of discipline. The programme highlights the application of software to solve mathematical, computing, networking and business-related problems.

The MCA Programme has been designed with a semester pattern. The first year courses are intended to know the basic concepts of mathematics, statistics and basic computer programming concepts, the second year is more purposeful on core concepts, web technologies and advanced programming concepts and the third year provides the core and emerging areas in computer discipline and the project work.

On completion of MCA Degree, the graduates will be able to:

  • To apply practically the knowledge of mathematics, statistics, financial/accounting, computer science and management to various real life applications.
  • To understand, analyze and develop programs in various areas of computer applications, Graphics, business analytics, networks etc.
  • Analyze and review literatures to invoke the research skills to design, interpret and make inferences from the resulting data.
  • Communicate effectively and present technical information in oral and written reports.
  • Integrate and apply efficiently the contemporary IT tools to all computer applications.
  • Create and design innovative methodologies to solve complex problems for the betterment of the society.
  • Learns effectively both as a team leader and team member on multi disciplinary projects to demonstrate computing and management skills.
  • To apply software engineering practices and principles in developing the software to deliver a successful quality product.
  • To familiarize with the emerging trends in computer technology to become successful software engineer.


Programme Outcomes: 

  1. The broad objective of the programme is to prepare students for challenging careers in computer industry by providing conducive environment of teaching, learning and research in the core and applied areas of the computer
  2. To provide an understanding of advanced computer application
  3. To keep a balance between fundamental concepts, core areas of computer science and specialized application oriented skills required to adapt to the needs of the constantly evolving computing
  4. Tocarryout project development in the emerging areas of Computer
  5. Thesyllabus is focused on providing a strong foundation in theory and applications along with latest technologies.
  6. Tolearn and evaluate a range of computing technologies, systems and application
  7. Todesign, develop and analyze industrial projects and evaluate
  8. Toundertake challenging research problems and work as active
  9. To identifyrecent Research / Industry
  10. To equip the student with basic knowledge of other domains, disciplines and skills,social and environmental consciousness and a strong value base.


Programme Specific Outcomes:

    1. Implementthe concept of theory and technology with modern techniques for solving the complex problems in Computer Applications.
    2. The learners would to be curious towards learning new and emerging technologiesand adapt quickly to changes.
    3. Design, execute and evaluate computing and application projectsin academia and industries using appropriate emerging
    4. Know the contextual knowledge in computingscience and applications research and communicate effectively with stakeholders of the society at large for enhancing the quality of life.
    5. Be honestin upholding the ethical principles and social responsibilities along with socio-economic

Course Outcome